Preschool Classrooms

CCA strives to offer high quality early educational experiences.  Our administrator and staff qualifications are excellent.  All participate in 25 annual hours of continuing education and are CPR/First Aid certified.  The classroom environment is child-centered with developmentally appropriate daily activities and written curriculum plans.

Early Toddlers

Ratio: 1:5

Caregivers: Ms. Victoria Rubay

Designed with a ratio of 10 children to 2 teachers, our early toddler classroom is for children aged 13 months to 23 months.  The children in this classroom learn manners, how to work with others, and basic communication and language skills.  Our toddlers learn through active play, manipulation, and exploration of the world around them.  Teachers provide authentic materials and active, hands-on learning experiences, creating secure connections and motivating exploration.  The activities are integrated throughout the domains of toddler development - physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.  This classroom follows a predictable schedule, which allows for flexibility, but provides the children with structure throughout their day.

Late Toddlers

Ratio: 1:5.5

Caregivers: Ms. Lynda Brumley & Ms. Cathy Cooper

Designed with a ratio of 11 children to 2 teachers, our two year old classrooms are for children aged 25 months to 35 months.  These classes focus on the development of motor, social, communication, and cognitive skills.  The children participate in activities that encourage participation in the major areas of learning - personal and social development, letter and number recognition, and motor skills development.  Authentic learning experiences are provided throughout the day to encourage children's creativity and engage them in educational activities.  The children learn through the use of ideas, games, songs, and activities within work areas, whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction.  Our goal is to instill a love of learning at any early age.  The children follow a schedule that provides routine and structure throughout the day.  


Ratio: 1:6

Caregivers: Ms. Teresa Dutton & Ms. Kaitlin Frietas

Designed with a ratio of 12 children to 2 teachers, this class is the beginning of kindergarten readiness.  Children are engaged in authentic learning experiences through large group, small group, and one-on-one instruction and interaction.  Early handwriting skills and age-appropriate phonemic awareness activities are taught through songs, visuals, and hands-on experiences to keep children engaged in learning.  Key concepts are solidified using math manipulatives, science experiments, and periodic review.  Activities focus on letter and number recognitions, science, social studies and math concepts, and aid in social, cognitive, and language development.  The children follow a schedule that provides them with routine and structure throughout the day.             


Ratio: 1:7.5

Caregivers: Ms. Crystal Reeves & Ms. Wanda Carr

Designed with a ratio of 15 children to 2 teachers, our pre-kindergarten program follows a schedule that is very similar to what children will encounter in a kindergarten classroom, so they may be prepared to make the transition to kindergarten.  Children will participate in activities that promote kindergarten readiness skills.  They will learn through many different, authentic experiences within large group, small group, and one-on-one instruction.  Children will participate in hands-on activities with learning work areas, while teachers guide their learning in each of the learning domains - social and emotional development, creative and aesthetic learning, cognitive and intellectual learning, physical development, and language.  Teachers will document childrens' learning to use for planning activities and learning experiences.  When a child completes our fours classroom, they should be prepared to make the transition to kindergarten.